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  • Productions - Past and Present

    Aluna - A Journey To Save The World

    Documentary feature film (86min). Leaders of an ancient civilization called the Kogi in Colombia travel with a British filmmaker and 400 kilometers of gold thread to trace the invisible connections in nature. The film is bringing audiences together and stimulating a conversation about effective environmental stewardship. Shown at Sheffield Docfest and Raindance Film Festival it was released worldwide in 2014 on Amazon, iTunes & Netflix and has been shown on television Colombia, Thailand and Australia.

  • London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

    We worked extensively in the Organising Committee of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. We're still involved in innovative live events that aim to delight and inspire international audiences. Hard to believe we're 4 years on already!

  • What's New & Coming Up?

    We're busy and happy, most of the time...

    Gyuto Monks

    of Tibet

    In 2016 we're working with Grammy Nominees the Gyuto Monks of Tibet on the "Pure Sound" Tour in the UK. This includes live performances at Glastonbury Festival and in London & Scotland.

    Action for the Refugee Crisis

    We've developed a new production to help raise awareness and funds for refugee action projects.

    Peace Productions

    We're engaged in an exciting new and high profile project in Colombia involving dance, performance, film and animation to promote peace, reconciliation and indigenous rights in the country.

    United Nations

    We're excited to be participating in the United Nations international dialogue within the Arts, Media, Design and Architecture panel. Launched on Mother Earth Day 2016 the dialogue is exploring ways international experts can contribute to earth centred (non-anthropocentric) worldviews and Earth Jurisprudence.

    New Productions

    One of our priorities is developing new UK and international co productions and securing broadcaster commissions across children's, factual & scripted entertainment. This is a big next step in our development & vision.

  • { Guiding Principles }

    Our philosophy is to work with creative people with a devotion to creating new and inspiring multimedia projects, often with a social or environmental worldview.


    We have developed and are developing a portfolio of film, television & multimedia services and projects across film, television, online and

    live events.

    { Our Vision }

    Our vision is to create new film and media productions that help make the world a better place.

    { Our Mission }

    Our mission is to create film & media projects that have a positive influence on our understanding of the world we live in and to contribute towards a sustainable planetary culture. We believe this is possible and are relentless in our pursuit of this ideal.

    { Process }

    We work with and as artists, writers, producers & directors in a holistic way, often "end-to-end" on a production, including all stages of the creative process from development, pre production, production & distribution.

  • About the studio.

    About Jean-Paul

    Founder & Producer

    Jean-Paul founded the company as a creative production studio in 2011. This began from a film festival in the Indian Ocean and led to working on ALUNA. He is a graduate of the National Film & Television School, UK. He’s worked with BBC Director Alan Ereira since the beginning of the ALUNA film project in 2010, the second film of the secretive Kogi Indian tribe of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia (the sequel to the acclaimed BBC film From The Heart Of The World: The Elder Brother’s Warning). One of the Mamas (Elders) in the film asked him to share their message of hope and despair about the impact of society on the environment around the world as much as possible. He’s now working on new feature film, television and live projects that seek to express a truly sustainable and compassionate worldview whilst still being engaging and entertaining.

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