Kindness Campaign

As part of making our new Dalai Lama film An Officer and His Holiness: The Dalai Lama’s Secret Escape into Exile, Rani and I have come to see that the story contains at it’s heart the theme of kindness, which is a subject that we wish to explore further within the making of the film. So we have decided to collect stories of people’s kindness in the hope that the film will enable more kindness to be present in the world! This is the basis for the campaign of kindness that we are working hard on now and wish to share on this page as an ongoing stream of kindness related stories that we will share on this page. Our intention behind this is that this will enable the film to be created from many thousands of stories and acts of kindness whilst we make the film.

Send a message of kindness to a friend, family member or colleague to remind them that they’re amazing! They can be anywhere in the world!

Message of kindness and a kindness tea sent to them £1.50 + 99p p&p.

If you wish to share your stories of kindness with us and give a shout out to anyone you think deserves a mention email us at and we’ll post your message on here… this is all part of us creating the stories of kindness within, throughout and around our new flim An Officer and His Holiness: The Secret Escape of the Dalai Lama into Exile. Join the ripple of kindness taking place!