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From Illumina Studios & Media, Soho, London, UK

Dear Friends,

Can positive media change the course of history? We believe it can… it’s the mission and objective of our creative studio! We’ve just finished recording with Anoushka Shankar! We’re excited to announce that we’ve just finished recording original music for the soundtrack for our new film about the Dalai Lama with Grammy Nominated recording Artist Anoushka Shankar! Anoushka is known throughout the world for her extraordinary classical Indian compositions and was taught by her late father Ravi Shankar of Beatles fame.

If you’ve not listened to any of her music before I highly recommend that you do (especially recommended is her “Land of Gold” Album, which brought attention to the plight of refugees (see the title track Feat Alev Lenz on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuLDpheL8p0. We’re delighted and thrilled she’s working with on our new film!

With the help of multi-platinum selling artist and music producer for the film, Craig Pruess (Bend it Like Beckham!) we’re delighted with the results. It’s going to add a whole new level of emotional experience, tone and depth to the story we are telling in the film!

We’re currently preparing to finish the remainder of the filming in the USA, UK and India so we can complete the edit ready for the film to be released next year.

We’ve got so much going on in the studio now production-wise, on this film and the others in the series of 3 films this is a part of, too much to mention here, but we’ll include details in our up-and-coming blog and video posts later (YES, I’ve finally listened to my friends and colleagues, who have been telling me for ages that I must start recording the beautiful and inspiring experiences I’m having making these films for others to see… so I’m giving that a go on the blog section of our website, it’s just getting going and also my personal Youtube Channel “Diary of a British Film Producer”.

These blogs and vlogs will give an action packed insight into what we’ve got going on, from meetings with profound meditation masters and inside the studio production techniques behind the scenes of our documentaries and feature films….to work in progress clips and interviews and even spending time with remote usually uncontactable indigenous leaders from the South American Andes. I can say that it will all be juicy, exciting and inspiring… packed with action from the front lines of independent filmmaking, which is the life blood and soul of everyone working in the studio.

We’re currently arranging when Joanna Lumley can come into the studio to record the voiceover for the Dalai Lama film, which is wonderful.

If you’ve not heard about this film yet, it’s called “An Officer and His Holiness: The Dalai Lama’s Secret Escape into Exile” and it charts the period when the Dalai Lama fled Tibet into India in 1959. We have exclusive access to the story through the secret service officer who led His Holiness to safety through extreme and treacherous conditions.

Here’s all the info on the film: http://www.illuminastudios.co.uk/an-officer-his-holiness/