Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the Shadow

                             T.S Eliot

As filmmakers and creatives we have been exposed to extraordinary people, situations and knowledge. We have also travelled throughout the world. This has enabled us to draw together a range of experiences relating to international culture and perspectives. We are now offering the benefits of this learning in powerful training programmes.

Fundamental changes are taking place throughout the world. From commerce to community initiatives, politics to environmental awareness and reform, to women’s empowerment and youth leadership, these changes are reshaping the world and landscape that we all live in. Illumina Studios now offers this interactive training programme designed to transmit and infuse attendees with a deep sense of awareness of the radical changes and emerging trends that are becoming visible in all walks of life, equipping those present with the knowledge to participate and enhance their decision making.

With a specific focus on problem solving, conflict resolution and starting special projects the training uses case studies from those applying innovative principles and succeeding in this new game. The programme also provides practical exercises to facilitate high level learning patterns that can show you how to apply this in your own life and places of work.

Contact: Our office for details.