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Illumina Cinema

Illumina Cinema offers large event cinema screenings to illuminate the sky and inspire the soul. There’s nothing we love more than bringing large audiences together to enjoy evenings of exceptional films and entertainment. We have done this in unusual spaces all over the world and continue to inspire international audiences with the very best entertainment in unconventional settings.

Often under the night sky for special evenings amongst friends, family and colleagues. We bring in our own bespoke and state-of-the art screens, projection and cinema quality sound systems to take care of everything needed for a special night under the stars being inspired by great movies.

This is an important part of our business and we work to show our own films, our colleagues films and with our relationships in the industry the best films in the world. What makes us different is that as filmmakers ourselves we are truly plugged into the global film world and are able to bring you quality films and interesting curated film programmes. We always try to do things a little bit differently and we support other film productions through these activities.